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Empower employees with real time insight and easy access to business activities on the go with EasyClocking Mobile App together with the Easy Clocking Cloud Software

  •  Review & approve time card
  •  Clock in / out with GPS geofence
  •  View schedules in real time
  •  Request paid time off
  •  Track job costing
  • EasyClocking Time & Attendance Software Available on the App Store
    EasyClocking Time & Attendance App in the Google Play Store

Timecard approval on the go

Give employees the ability to review and approve their timecards anytime, anywhere.


Employee scheduling

Eliminate schedule-related attendance excuses. Employee has 24/7 access to schedules and shift changes in real time.





Clocking with GPS restriction

Restrict where employees can and cannot clock in and out from. By setting a geographical perimeter, employees are only allowed to clock in or out from the speciļ¬ed GPS location.






Bird’s eye view

Managers can view a map of everyone who is clocked in at all your locations to better manage your projects and employees.



Request time off

Track job costing

Employees can select their assigned job codes, and clock in on their own mobile device.

Supervisors can select the employee, the job code and the time for each employee from their mobile device.